New Sponsorship Co-ordinator!

We are very pleased to announce that we have a brand new sponsorship co-ordinator who has agreed to work with us on a part time basis to ensure the boys are always healthy and happy, to keep us up to date with their progress at school, to help the children and their sponsors to communicate effectively and to arrange payment of the childrens school fees, uniforms and school lunches.Rieder is 22 years old and lives nearby in Mtwapa. He is also the librarian at Mtwapa Academy, and is devoted to this job, working every day to make sure the children at the school get the most out of the library. He has been dedicated, reliable and dependable in this role, demonstrating really touching care and love for the children he works with and spending extra time, far beyond the call of duty, tutoring those who are falling behind in lessons. We are very pleased and excited that he has taken up our offer of working with Milele and are sure he is going to develop with us and be a huge asset to the programme.