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Rieder's Trip to England

Our co-ordinator Rieder has just landed back in Kenya after a wonderful 3 weeks here in the UK. We asked him to write a brief update for the website to share his experience and some of his highlights from his trip with you. 

"I was happy to see Amy and Rich on my arrival, despite being a long journey. Amy and Rich managed to organise a lot of training for me and that was really important in my work. 

I learnt a lot of new things I can use in my job from each training and also met some of the sponsors, which was really good for me to share with them about the kids they sponsor and their families.

I had good times throughout my stay in the UK for those three weeks. I was really pleased to see how people were kind to me. ” 

While he was here in the UK we were able to organise the following training courses for Rieder, all with qualified professionals or specialist organisations. All were excellent teachers and all provided fantastic opportunities for him to grow and develop:

  • Building Resilience with vulnerable families

  • Adolescent relationships, Contraception and Sexual health

  • IT - maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Safeguarding Children

  • Organisation and Time Management

  • Group Dynamics and running a successful youth group

  • Working with vulnerable young people

  • Education and non-traditional learning styles and techniques

  • Business mentoring and developing a Business Plan

  • Play and Interaction with 3-5 year olds

THANK-YOU to all the contributors and everyone who made this training possible for him - it will have a hugely beneficial impact on Milele in the years to come.

Rieder speaking at the 10 Year Celebration Ball

Rieder speaking at the 10 Year Celebration Ball

“The 10 year's celebration of Milele Program was one of my best memories I will ever keep. It was amazing to see how people supported Milele in every way they can to make it successful. 

As I travel back home, I know saying goodbye is always hard, but I am more confident and well equipped with knowledge which will help me transform the loves of our kids and ensure they have a brighter future ahead. 

Thanks to everyone for being welcoming towards my visit. I really appreciate everything you have done for me throughout my stay in the UK. 

I will always do my best in my job and help all the kids



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Rieder's Monthly Updates for September

Hello everyone! Welcome to our monthly updates.We really pass our thanks to everybody who has contributed towards Milele program no matter how little or small it was but we really appreciate your effort and it has helped someone and you will be blessed.

Recently we have been working with Agnes with the books at Royal Academy thus making sure they are in good use. As well to all other project which received the books have adapted the same idea. This idea has really helped the kids to know how to read at a very young age.

We also visited some of the family's of the children who received mosquito net and it was really amazing to see how the parents appreciated your donation hence you have save a future leader from malaria.

Currently we started small projects for our sponsored kids family's who are not able to take care for themselves yet.  We have chicken project and fire wood business which will help them earn a living.

Our sponsored kids plus the new ones are really doing good work in school and all this happened because of your support  we thank you for your support.


Hello everyone,welcome to our monthly updates. We are indeed thankful to Milele organization for making things happen in a good way. I would like also to acknowledge the sponsors for their good work towards Milele organization. This month our sponsored children,have been really working hard to improve their grades in this Month exams. We have high expectation for them to do better than in last month exam. I also got a chance to visit our senior boy at Malindi High School.Whereby we discussed his performance with several teachers. We also bought some set books for him on which he will be examined on during his final exam. He is also doing well,he has to put more effort in improving his grades.Things are becoming more challenging for all the students at his level. He is focused and knows that, to pass with good grades he must put extra effort in school work to achieve his goals. The uniform checking it has been a big competition and very difficult to get the best pupil who maintained hes / her uniform the best. its like if all of them have emerged to be winner, which makes it difficult to reward them all! We pass our gratitude to all the sponsors and well wishers who value the life of a child, God will value your life more. Thank you all.


Hello,everyone! Welcome to our monthly updates for this month.It has been the longest month full of activities of our sponsored children who have started a new term in new classes.They all had a good happy new year and as well are all back in school in good shape and in healthy conditions. We say thanks to all the sponsors for making everything happen in a good way. As for this month we have been doing some payments of school fees, buying some books and other school materials for the children. we have also tried to visit some of the kids we gave them the Mosquito nets to see weather they have been using the mosquito nets you donated to the kids. They have been in use and have so far helped most of the family's the parents are really thankfully for your concern towards their kids. also the community at large they are happy from what they received from you. Our sponsored children are are doing well but things have been a little bit harder in their new classes. They have in fact done their first exam but they have all dropped some marks compared to the previous exam. This is due to their new things they have tackled in the new classes before.we are hope full they will improve their marks. they have realized they need to work hard to get better grades. our senior boy he is also doing well.