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The little voices

Hello! everybody i am really happy to have this opportunity once again to give you the latest news as they happen here.For this month of october i have been visiting some of the programmes like bethel where the kids are very happy to have a new teacher.i would like to thank you all for your contribution towards this programme.The visit made by Amy ,Helena,Faye,Thomas and Rich was a good one. they really did something special to make the less fortunate and needy young kids have a simile and good voices as they attend school.This was possible because you joined hands together and contributed towards it.

Our sponsored students have been doing great in their studies.They did an exam where they performed well and hoping the new ones will register good results come next exam.You have motivated them a lot so they are working extra harder for now.The teacher at Bethel she has been doing greet and happy to work at Bethel.You have really extended the kids opportunity of having a brighter future ahead by employment of the teacher who is also qualified at her work.As for now life is full of beginning and many beginning are difficult without quality education.

May you all be blessed by almighty for such kind heart for needy kids.

Bethel New Teaching Project

Hi All, During the most recent trip to Kenya we have embarked on a very exciting new project which we are looking forward to telling you about.

In the classroom at Bethel

Many of you may remember a project called Bethel Children's Care Centre from new blogs on this website. We have been working with them for some time now, using the centre as a base for handing out your clothes and shoes donations, as well as supporting them with some educational materials such as exercise books, pencils, sharpeners, rubbers etc.

children at Bethel

The project is based in the residential area of Mtomondoni, in the home of the founder, Elizabeth and her husband, Bill and provides nursery level education to young children in the area. Schooling in Kenya is done in three stages; nursery, primary and secondary. Completion of each stage is necessary for progression to the next one, however primary level is the only level which is provided free of charge by the government. Bethel, therefore, provides a crucial service to aound 80 local families, educating more than 80 children aged 2-6 in kindergarten (nursery) level schooling such as basic maths and english in preparation for primary schooling at the local government school.All the children who attend are from very poor backgrounds, with many being from single parent families, orphans or affected by HIV/AIDS. Therefore the facility is extremely useful to local parents or carers, especially those from single parent households, or those caring for orphans, as it enables them to go out and work during the day to put food on the table, whilst the children are looked after at Bethel.

children at Bethel

Bethel charges just 100/= per month (around 70pence) which is enough to cover basic facilities such as pencils and paper, exam papers, desks, benches etc, whilst still being affordable to the local community.

However, the small amount the children and their families contribute is not adequate to pay wages for a teacher; meaning that Bethel have had a succession of volunteer teachers all in temporary roles and many underqualified for the job.

During the trip this time, with the assistance of the friends of Milele group fundraising here in the UK we have managed to take on a nursery teacher named Janet Dawa who will work at Bethel on a trial basis until the end of the year. If the trial is sucessful and funding can be secured long term, there is the hope that we will extend it indefinitely.

children at Bethel

We also gave out many of the school uniform clothes which had been donated to the project, so the children have something smart to wear to school!

Thank-you to everyone who has donated so far, it will make a huge difference to very many children.

We would like to create some links between Bethel and some schools in the UK to help fund the teaching project. If you are a teacher at a school and would like to help us or to find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Amy on 07950329398


Amy and Rich