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Hello everyone,welcome to our monthly updates. We are indeed thankful to Milele organization for making things happen in a good way. I would like also to acknowledge the sponsors for their good work towards Milele organization. This month our sponsored children,have been really working hard to improve their grades in this Month exams. We have high expectation for them to do better than in last month exam. I also got a chance to visit our senior boy at Malindi High School.Whereby we discussed his performance with several teachers. We also bought some set books for him on which he will be examined on during his final exam. He is also doing well,he has to put more effort in improving his grades.Things are becoming more challenging for all the students at his level. He is focused and knows that, to pass with good grades he must put extra effort in school work to achieve his goals. The uniform checking it has been a big competition and very difficult to get the best pupil who maintained hes / her uniform the best. its like if all of them have emerged to be winner, which makes it difficult to reward them all! We pass our gratitude to all the sponsors and well wishers who value the life of a child, God will value your life more. Thank you all.